Linda Tyler suggested that we start collecting change in a jar at home and put all our loose change in it and then every few months we take it to the bank and then make a donation to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund or RESCUSA.   Ironically, the next day in the newspaper there was an article that said the banks are short on coins. The banks are limiting the coins a merchant can get. " The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the supply chain and normal circulation patterns for US Coin" the US government  said. So let's take a jar and look around our home for change. Take it to the drive through at the bank, deposit it and make a donation in that amount to My Rotary (sign in and donate to Annual Fund) or RESCUSA on  This last Rotary year was a significant year for our club receiving honors and recognitions for supporting the "Annual Fund"!  Let's do it again a little at a time with "Change for  it! Change" making a goal by this time next year everyone gives $100.  Change for change- we can do !
        We are reminded not only does Rotary connect the World through it's 1.2 million members.  In these challenging, difficult times, we are discovering wisdom that we are all connected.  We catch diseases as individuals who are part of families, and families are part of cities, and cities are part of states and nations.  Our globe can be changed because of our interconnectedness.  Knowing this we become aware of other virus that spread among us from person to person from generation to generation and I am referring to social and spiritual viruses like racism.  I am reading the book How To Be An Antiracist  by Ibram Kend