District 5870 has contributed a total of District Designated Funds of $111,102 to Covid-19 related activities. We created and funded a District DAP Grant in the amount of $61,102.  We were awarded from The Rotary Foundation a District Disaster Response Fund Grant in the amount of $25,000.

This total of $86,102 will be contributed to three hospital organizations who have a footprint in all corners of our District.  These organizations are Baylor Scott & White Central Texas Foundation, Ascension Seton Foundation and St. David’s Foundation.  The donations are exclusively to be used for the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment to be distributed to hospitals and clinics throughout our District.

District 5870 has also contributed a total of $25,000 to the TRF Disaster Response Fund to be used as needed to support Rotary’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world. Many of our clubs have also made contributions of time and money for COVID-19 related activities all throughout the District.

Our District was able to make the contribution of over $111,000 because of you, you all did this.   The contribution made today came from your generous contributions 3 years ago to TRF in Bruce Golden’s year as District Governor.  Three years ago we had no idea where we would be today.  But because of your generosity we are in a position to help.  We’re helping those health care workers in hospitals and clinics throughout the district stay safe and be protected so they can continue to treat patients.  This equipment also helps their patients stay safe.  Your contribution of 3 years ago is today protecting and allowing treatment of Rotarians that need to be tested or treated, treatment of your friends and treatment of your families.

We hope and pray that 3 years from now nothing like this will happen, but we don’t know just like we didn’t know 3 years ago.  What we do know is because of your generosity 3 years ago, Rotary is able to answer the call today.  We are able to do what Rotarians do, that is to help those in need. 

The pandemic has affected not only our physical health but also our financial health, I totally understand that.  But I am asking clubs and individual Rotarians to re-examine the commitment you made to TRF this year and if possible follow through with that commitment.  If you are unable to do that or you haven’t made a commitment yet, please consider some contribution to TRF.  Any amount helps.  We are on track for another great year of generosity.  It has slowed down in the past couple of months but we still should top $600,000 which is absolutely amazing.

Three years ago we didn’t know how our money would be used in our District but we are now positioned to help.  I wonder where we’ll be 3 years from now, where will our world be 3 years from now.  We are ready and able to help today and we need to be ready and able to help in the future.  From the bottom on my heart, I thank each and every one of you for making District 5870 the best in all the world.

Jim Henry
Rotary District 5870 Governor