Green Steps  provides service opportunities through supporting the environment, the newest area of focus in Rotary.  Green Steps is how members of Rotary E-Club of Central Texas does service together while being apart.  We can each do our part and that is our service.   Green Step #1 is reducing plastic by taking reusable  water bottle and bag with you. Green Step #2 Meatless Monday focus is on the impact of meat production on the environment.   Green Step #3 Plant Pollinator Plants. By replacing grass you don't have to mow, water, fertilize, or use pesticides and that is good for  bees! Green Step  #4 Mindful Mowing (wait until wildflowers go to seed.  Green Step #5 Leave the Leaves on the ground. Green Step #6 Respect, Reverence, Respect in Relationship to Mother Earth by walking softly, leave no trace, feast responsibility, look to the Seventh Generation.
These steps we can all make together will make a big difference in our world.