When we feel fear we are motivated to act (maybe that's why there is a run on TP)  but in times like these it's important not to obsess on the news.  Emotions are contagious  When we don't have information we spiral.  These days the news is just plain scary.  As Rotarians, it is important to look at the big  picture, stay safe but continue to ask how can we serve.  HEB asked everyone to "leave some for your neighbor'  Remember we are all in this together.  Let's not forget that polio also terrorized the nation and Rotarians took that challenge on when a vaccine was developed.  Fear is a terrible thing.  We are at a moment when everyone is looking for guidance.  This is a time for Rotarians to step up but we are just not sure what to do which is why we need to continue to meet, talk and be the voice of calm.  Rotary e-club Central Texas can continue to meet on Zoom and let's invite other Rotarians and friends to join in the meetings and conversations.  Hope to see everyone on Tuesday at 6:00 on Zoom. Check member e-mail for Zoom link each week.