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Thank you for joining our club. 

Dear Rotarian Juanita,
It is my great honor and privilege on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Rotary E-Club of Central Texas to welcome you as a new member.  You have been selected for membership because your fellow Rotarians believe you to be a leader in your vocation and that you manifest the characteristic that will allow you to impart the message of Rotary.
     Rotary, an organization of 1.2 million is composed of business and professional individuals pledged to uphold the professional standards.  Rotarians believe that worldwide peace and international friendship can be achieved when business men and women unite under the banner of service.
     Juanita, you are the representative of your vocation in this club.  You are also the representative of Rotary in your vocation.and in all aspects of your life.  The community will know and judge Rotary by your embodiment of it in character and service.  You have been selected for membership because your fellow Rotarians know that our principles and our organization are safe in your keeping.
      Rotary is not a political organization but we believe in all things related to good citizenship.  Rotary is not a charitable organization but our projects throughout the community and the world evidence our responsibility to help others.  Rotary is not a religious organization  but our beliefs are guided by eternal principles that have been the moral compass for people throughout the ages.
    Rotary gives you many opportunities for service and fellowship and it is your choice what you do with those opportunities.
    We welcome you !
  At our meeting on Feb. 7, 2023 we will induct you into Rotary over zoom. 6:00.
                   Your friend in service of Rotary,
           Joan Bohls,  Past President Rotary E-Club of Central Texas
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Welcome to the Flexible, Friendly, Fun, Rotary Family! 

Flexible, Friendly, Fun Rotary Family
Tuesdays at 6:00 PM
on the web by email and zoom
we meet on zoom
Austin, TX 78759
United States of America
(903) 922-6069
Join us! We meet on the web by weekly e-mail updates, Facebook, Twitter, and Zoom first Tuesday at 6:00 for a meeting program; (email for link to join a meeting) and third Tuesday at 6:00 for our Club Board meeting..
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