Global Grant – Mobile Medical Unit (Host Club – RC of Davangere South)



In the city of Davangere in the state of Karnataka, the Karnataka Hemophilia Society (KHS) was founded in 1988. It started as an in-patient 10-bed hospital & clinic, with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy room for patient treatment, and an area for staff training and educational services. KHS has identified and registered urban and rural 800 patients at this facility. Needed multiple units of blood to serve his patients, KHS obtained a license to set up a blood bank with a diagnostic laboratory to identify and separate it into its components on site. The object of this global grant included purchase and outfit a mobile unit for: [1] emergency onsite treatment; [2] transportation to the KHS Clinic for continued treatment. KHS will also have the capacity to [3] conduct blood donation drives in the expanded area and [4] educate the population about Hemophilia. The total budget for the project was $41,400.